5 Tips On How To Make Curtains And Blinds Go Together

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People often treat curtains and blinds as two different options for covering windows where they have to choose one. However, little do they know, these two types do great as a pair. There are other types of window coverings too, like drapes and shades. However, curtains and blinds look amazing when put together in the right manner. Before going further to how you can pair them, let’s know the differences. 

Curtains vs Blinds

If we talk about commonness, the only thing to point out is that both can cover windows. Otherwise, the materials are different, looks are different and almost every other character and function differ. Curtains available in Drummoyne are made of soft fabrics whereas blinds are made of firm materials. Blinds are better when it comes to allowing and blocking lights as they can get manipulated as per your wish.

How To Pair Curtains And Blinds?

1. Work with the blinds first

Choosing blinds before curtains is the best you can do as a beginner. It’s better because you are going to put curtains over them and there’s much to be decided about the curtains than the blinds. The common styles you will find in the market are Venetian and Roller blinds. You have options of materials like wood, vinyl, etc. when choosing window blinds. Wood blinds are in trend due to the warm look it provides with and the durability factor.  

2. Choose the right colour

Colour always matters the most when decorating your home even if you are just investing in a necessity. So, make sure you pick the right colour considering things like walls and fixtures around. You can put white curtains over white blinds. You can also try contrasting the colours, like light shade blinds with dark curtains and vice versa. 

3. Select patterned piece but don’t pair

If you want patterns, don’t overwhelm the appearance by choosing patterned pieces for both blinds and curtains. If you go for prints in blinds, then pick solid coloured curtains and the same for the opposite. However, it’s best if more works are on the curtains and the blinds are simple. This is because blinds, when raised, are not even visible and curtains attract more eyes. 

4. Be careful with mounting

When you are doing so much for a mere window of your room, then there’s nothing you want to miss out on. So, the next thing you need to note is the placement of mounting hardware. What we suggest is to make sure it’s not outside, but inside. Blinds when mounted outside ruin the appearance. It will make it worse cause you want to add curtains too. So, keep in mind while installation that you want an inside mount. 

5. Add finishing with tiebacks or holdbacks

If you want a final touch, tiebacks or holdbacks for curtains are the solutions. They add up to the overall appearance and allows the blinds to show up. These considerations are for decoration and make a style statement and thus are optional. But, we suggest not to leave this part so that your window attains perfection.  

Final Words

Now that you have the tips, don’t hesitate on buying the right thing accordingly. Note that purchasing curtains in Drummoyne and hanging them is easy, but installing curtains over blinds might cause trouble. To reduce the effort and eliminate mistakes, prefer professionals in the field. 

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