Everything You Need To Know About Mirror Dash Cam

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A mirror dash cam is a camera that records video both on and off the road while a vehicle is moving. A mirror dash cam is mounted differently than a typical dash cam. Your car’s rearview mirror is where the mirror dash cam is mounted. It serves as the back mirror and a screen for the images captured by the front and rear cameras.

While you’re driving, a mirror dash cam takes videos. It can take pictures as well. A mirror dashcam captures quick footage that lasts 3–5 minutes. These videos are all stored on a suitable memory card. Old videos are removed by the mirror dash cam’s loop record function to create a place for fresh videos.

How is a mirror dash camera installed?

Adjusting the electric system in your car might be dangerous for both you and the vehicle. If you find it too technical, it would be better to hire an expert.  While installing your mirror dash cam, ensure the car’s engine is off.

Attaching the dash cam’s display to the rearview mirror is simple. They include clips. Simply affix the clips to the display and place them over the rearview mirror.

How to pick the ideal mirror for a dash camera.


The resolution of a mirror dash cam is arguably the most crucial factor to consider. A mirror dash cam should be capable of recording details like the license plate number and other road signs. You shouldn’t reduce the resolution to 720p for the best outcome. This ought to be sufficient to distinguish road signs and numbers.


The cost of dash cameras varies based on the features. To get a general notion of the costs, browse dash cameras beforehand. It comes in a wide variety.


The camera’s sensor is also crucial. Many dash cameras may entice you with their great quality, yet they still appear unattractive. To ensure that your movies are of the highest calibre, you should search for high-quality sensors.


While some dash cams are easy to install, others need professional assistance. Consider visiting an auto dash cam near me for expert installation if you buy a dash cam that needs specialized installation.


You can keep more videos on greater storage. The resolution that the camera shoots in determines the size of the video files. Cameras with high resolution produce huge files.

Energy Source

Some dash cams are connected directly to your car’s battery, but most are powered by the cigarette lighter. If you decide to use the battery in your car as the power source, you should have a professional install the dash camera. This is mainly because there are so many links.

Reasons to Install the Best Mirror Dash Camera

Capture everything

You may record the entire ride with a mirror dash camera. A dash camera is one of the best tools for documenting a road trip if you’re taking one. This allows you to watch it later and helps you preserve memories.

No chance of police harassment

While driving, you might run into some obnoxious and combative police officers. Some people might even try to annoy you. No offence intended to our police force. The mirror camera so captures everything the police say and do. Please show the department the tape if there are any such claims.

Encourages safe driving

Driving safely is one of the best things the dash camera promotes. It guarantees that the driver is operating the vehicle safely, avoiding arguments and mishaps. It encourages motorists to travel cautiously. As a result, it prevents car accidents and other driving mistakes. Additionally, it is a fantastic tool to teach drivers how to be more responsible on the road.

Offer security

The ability to record allows you to feel secure while riding in a car. As the driver is responsible for his actions and driving, it gives you safety and security. Dash camera installation will increase your sense of security while driving.

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