Guide For Selecting And Buying The Suitable Annexe Walls

Guide For Selecting And Buying The Suitable Annexe Walls

For many caravanners, it is important to organize the walls for the awnings. If you are a farsighted person, you will prefer the full annexe walls for the caravan and customize them according to your needs. In the present day, people are focusing on installing the walls under the rollout awnings instead of buying the conventional annexe. The walls are usually of canvas, vinyl, or simple shade walls.

  • Traditional models with all the hassle of walls, pegs, roof, poles, and ropes were not convenient.
  • Adding the walls to the awnings to form the annexe is the latest trend, and it’s more convenient. 

Types of wall

No matter the type of wall you choose, you need to customize the walls to fit the present structure. 

  1. Vinyl is a popular material, as it can produce a considerable amount of precipitation and trap heat. It is lightweight too, and thus, easy to clean.
  2. Canvas material also allows the scope of breathing, but it is exactly double the weight of the vinyl annexe walls. However, its durability is lower than that of the vinyl base. But the heavy base will encourage the walls to hang better. 
  3. Shed walls are again a good alternative as they can effectively keep away the rain, offer protection from the harmful direct UV rays of the sun, and give you the privacy you need. The shade material will also allow the unhindered flow of breeze through the walls, which will alleviate the need to install windows separately.

Layout design

It is essential to check the layout plan, including the position of the windows and the doors, additional rooms, internal walls, and the en-suites that will extend beyond the awning. The flared annexe walls are the best because they will provide maximum floor space and assist in the drainage of rainwater.

  • Assembling the walls is easier if you get the zips instead of the Velcro.
  • The annex pole arrangement and the clips are feasible for the attachment of the walls to the awning de-flapper kits. It will demand less physical effort.

Proper ventilation

You have to abide by the country’s standards to set up the annexe walls, which will always prevent disturbing the cross ventilation of the airflow. These regulations also prevent the build-up of combustible gases, implying that you can’t buy the walls for the annexe or awning if you have a fridge, a door, rangehood venting, or gas outlet for the barbecue underneath that partial section of the van.

Colour factor

Last but definitely not least, when you have many specifications about the customization of the annexe walls, you need to consider the colours and whether the walls look better in stripes than plain. However, the colour of the vinyl or canvas won’t have any impact on the pricing of the walls. But then walls with horizontal stripes can be a little more expensive because of applying different manufacturing processes altogether.

The above information will help you set up the right walls for the canvas awnings to impart a smart look.