Use The Following Storage And Space-saving Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Great!

Use The Following Storage And Space-saving Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Great!

Innovative Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, proper storage is an important factor. Unfortunately, all of us have small bathrooms that can be difficult to store items in. A small bathroom is often the victim of bad construction. If you’re thinking of bathroom renovations in Windsor but want to retain the same square feet, some of these innovative concepts will not only add storage but also style and offer the illusion of space.

If you take a step back to look at your bathroom, you can notice that there are a number of neglected places where you can quickly add storage space and versatility to your tiny bathroom renovations Windsor, while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Creating niches is another often-overlooked way to add space without increasing the total footprint of the bathroom renovations in Windsor. It’s a smart way to make use of space you may not have realised you had. Studs are usually 16-inches apart and a bit more than 4-inches deep within the walls. If it’s an internal wall with no insulation or plumbing, it can be converted into usable space. By removing the drywall and installing glass shelves and lighting, you can create a stunning and practical display room. Transfer the toiletries, for example, from plastic bottles to ceramic containers. It will immediately eliminate clutter and make the space more trendy.

Doorways Reconsidered

Toilet topper cabinets continue to be a valuable storage space, especially in smaller bathrooms. They can be combined with the other cabinetry if they are designed ahead of time, and features like open shelving can make them look fantastic. If your narrow bathroom has a door that swings into space (which is common), rethinking your entryway will also give you a little extra space while still giving the appearance that your bathroom renovations Windsor is bigger than it is.

A pocket door conceals all of the hardware inside the wall, while a barn door employs external hardware that allows the door to be slid around the exterior wall. A rustic barn door isn’t needed. If you want a more minimalist look, using a transparent material is a perfect way to up the bathroom renovations Windsor design factor while also allowing a little extra light into space and providing privacy. 

Increasing Drawer Space

Taking a lead from the kitchen, installing roll-out cabinets, for example, next to the walk-in tub, maybe a space-saving bathroom renovations Windsor solution. You can reach objects in the back of a deep cabinet by using roll-out organisers. Such unused or unusual spaces may also be used to creatively add rooms. Adding toe-kick drawers to the vanity or converting the big under sink cabinet into a collection of drawers will provide extra space for toiletries, hairdryers, curling irons, and other accessories without taking up any extra space.

If you’re constrained by a lack of storage space in your tiny bathroom, think beyond the box and look at your space with fresh eyes. If you partner with a contractor or design-build bathroom renovations Windsor company, they will be able to help you consider all of your choices for optimising the versatility of your tiny bathroom.