Guide For Choosing The Right Type Of Dentist In Moorebank

Guide For Choosing The Right Type Of Dentist In Moorebank

Oral hygiene is often neglected but is essential for maintaining the overall health of your body. Therefore, dental visits every few months should become a part of your lifestyle. When it comes to dentists in Moorebank, there are different types of dentists to deal with different problems. As you may already know, dentistry is a wide field, and not every dentist is equipped to deal with the problems you’re facing. Therefore, it is important to consult specialised dentists to get to the root of your dental problems. 

A reputed dental clinic with years of experience will have several doctors under it. Therefore, when you’re on the lookout for top dentists in Moorebank, always look for a good clinic first. 

Types Of Dentists 

Different types of dentists offer specialised services. Thus, when you visit a clinic, always a general dentist first who’ll then let you know which specialised dentist you need to visit. Given below are some popular types of dentists in Moorebank: 

1. General Dentists

Also known as family dentists, they take care of your regular oral hygiene. Their work largely centres on preventative oral care and includes regular cleaning, X-rays, restorative care, and whitening services. 

They can also provide adequate guidance for the installation and removal of braces, repairing cracked or chipped teeth, maintaining false teeth, and artificial fillings. They’re the dental health practitioner that constantly monitors your oral health, and thus can refer the right doctors to you in case of more serious issues.

2. Orthodontist

The work of an orthodontist is to align teeth and jawbones. Often, these structures might be misaligned either by birth or due to some accident. Thus, their alignment becomes important for cosmetic and health reasons and this is when orthodontists come into the picture. 

These dentists in Moorebank design customised braces, alignment trays, mouth guards, retainers, etc to correct the tooth structure. 

3. Maxillofacial Surgeon

Sometimes, more invasive surgery may be required for solving some major dental issues. These include jaw corrective surgery, complicated tooth extractions, reconstructive surgeries, cleft lip surgeries, and so on. For this, you’ll need a maxillofacial surgeon. 

They focus on improving the overall dental well-being of the patient and make improvements to the teeth and supporting bone structures. 

4. Periodontist

The work of a periodontist is to ensure gum health. They work by diagnosing and treating different gum issues such as inflammation, pain, periodontal disease, and also perform grafting on gums. 

To Sum Up

When it comes to dentists in Moorebank, it’s always important to consult with a general dentist first, who’ll perform an extensive diagnosis, and then determine which specialised doctor you’ll need to see for your gum health. If the issue at hand is minor, they can deal with it themselves. However, in case of major issues, that directly affect the overall health of a patient, they always involve a certified specialist. 

Good dental hygiene goes a long way in maintaining your overall health, and therefore always consult a dentist regularly.