Enhance Your Garage Security With A Retrofit Garage Door Opener

Every day, the number of smart home devices grows, and retrofit garage door openers are no exception. In many ways, retrofit garage door openers are more convenient and safe than mechanical ones. Still, many people do not know what these devices can do for them. Find four things every homeowner should know about a retrofit garage door opener.

Smart Remote Control

Retrofit garage door openers are not the first way to open your garage with the touch of a button, but they are by far the most convenient. With these openers, any device connected to WiFi can be used as a remote for your garage door. Even though infrared remotes need to be pointed at the opener to work, you can use apps to control these openers from anywhere with WiFi or mobile data.

Suppose you lose the remote for a traditional retrofit garage door opener. In that case, you might not be able to get into your garage quickly for days until you find a new one. You can put the smart garage door opener’s remote control app on as many devices as possible. Therefore, if you lose your primary way of controlling your garage door, you will always have a backup.

Automatic Operation

If these openers couldn’t stick to a schedule, they wouldn’t be wise. You can tell your smart opener when to open, close, and lock your garage door for you. Your entry can open for you simultaneously every day when you get home from work, or it can lock itself when you go inside at night, giving you peace of mind that your garage is always safe.

Even if your garage door opens and closes on its own, you can still see when your garage is opened and closed throughout the day. Access logging is a feature of smart openers that keeps track of how many times the door opens and closes.

Enhanced Security

Retrofit garage door opener keeps your home safe in more ways than just by reminding you to lock your garage at night. Most mobile apps for smart openers let you know right away if someone tries to get in without your permission. Smart openers can connect to security cameras and two-way audio devices so that you can talk to your home as if you were there, even when you are not there.

Some homeowners worry that smart devices make their homes less safe. Even though hackers can get into any internet-connected device, they rarely try to get into smart devices like garage door openers. Modern appliances are also very safe. The risk of forced entry is much higher than the risk of a cyberattack.

Retrofit Current System

Some smart openers come with a motor and pulley system, but these aren’t your only choices. Suppose you want smart features and you already have a mechanical opener. In that case, you might want to add a retrofit garage door opener. The motor of your current system is attached to a computer board with smart features that come with these devices.

If you already have an intelligent network set up in your home, choose a retrofit garage door opener that works with the same wireless protocol. A user can control any smart device through WiFi. Still, devices may use a different protocol to talk to each other. Ensure your retrofit garage door opener works with the suitable protocol to connect to your smart home hub.