Tips for Selecting the Best 4 Post Car Lift for Sale

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Not all cars can be repaired using a lift with arms or pads. A vehicle’s size and weight distribution may require driving onto runways. 4 post car lift is also great for essential maintenance, inspections, and general servicing since they allow technicians to observe the whole length of the runway for car underbody viewing. If the consumer chooses the proper configuration before purchase, the lift should last for years.

How to choose a 4 post car lift for sale? Consider these five essential points:


The wheelbases of the raised cars will determine the 4 post car lift decisions. First, the lift buyer must calculate the vehicle’s wheelbase. This value determines the lift’s length. Four-post lift runways may be provided in various lengths to suit various wheelbases. When installing a 4 post car lift, be sure to give enough room in front and behind it for the runways and any ramps. 


After determining the length required for your wheelbase, you must evaluate the weight of the cars being raised. 2 post car hoist capacities vary from 14,000 to 60,000 lbs. Weighing less than 14,000 lbs., most vehicles up to and including Class 3 pick-up trucks like the Ford F-350 can fit on most lifts. 

If a shop serves work trucks and other big fleet vehicles, a 4-post lift is rated at 18,000 or 30,000 lbs. A four-post lift’s physical footprint and rise time grow with capacity; therefore, lifting bigger cars may require space and time sacrifices. 


Every second matters when it comes to your facility’s production. The quicker the mechanic can elevate the car, the faster they can go to work. Even while all four-post lifts are straightforward to put up, only Rotary Lifts have the quickest rise times. 

A 4-post lift takes approximately 35 seconds to reach full lifting height, compared to 60 seconds for a typical four-post lift. The proprietary Spotline laser spotting guidance makes driving onto Shockwave-equipped lifts much simpler. Consider a drive-thru with ramps on both ends for added productivity. This allows the vehicle to enter and exit the lift in one direction, reducing shop floor congestion.


4-post lifts come with an open or closed front. Because there is no crossbeam between the runways, technicians can easily reach the engine and front suspension components. Accessibility and workspace improvements may help, although they are not always required. Closed front lifts have a smaller footprint than open front lifts; hence they may be better suited to facilities with limited space and narrow bays.


 While the length, capacity, and design of your 2 post car hoist will be decided by the cars you serve, additional choices exist to expand its adaptability substantially. Rolling jacks are necessary to use your lift for wheel-free tire and brake maintenance. The jacks engage the car through its frame or pick-up locations.

 Choose a 4 post car lift for sale with an alignment kit if you will be aligning. Due to this, it is best to acquire your lift from a specialist lift manufacturer and your alignment instruments from a business that specialises in alignments. Bolt-on retrofit kits are available to expand the adaptability of existing four-post lifts.

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